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4-Day School Week Survey Results Announced

The hot topic of discussion at the December Whitehall School Board meeting, held Monday, December 13, was the results of the 4-day school week survey. Superintendent Hannah Nieskens presented the following information, collected from the survey, which was sent in November to all parents of students in K-12. A total of 145 survey results were collected.

When the data of respondents was disaggregated by school level the following was discovered:

Elementary parents: 84 respondents total with 64 (76%) in favor of the 4-day week; 20 (24%) prefer 5 day week

6-8 parents in favor of the 4-day week: 66...


Reader Comments(1)

Sabotshooter88 writes:

Third grade was the hardest 4 years of my life, but, 145 surveys collected? 84 responses in the elementary, 66 in the middle school and 69 in the high school. Are we doing Biden Math nowadays?