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The Whitehall Ledger Has Moved to 405 West Legion

After nearly four decades at 15 West Legion, the Whitehall Ledger vacated the space on December 20, 2022, for its new home at 405 West Legion.

Where is that? many have already asked. Some know it as the Headstart building, others as the wrestling building; I myself will always know it as where Jane’s Hair once was. But yes, it is the dark grey building located across the way from Liberty Place’s corporate offices.

Please use the west side entrance, in the alley. Signage is on its way and the office is coming together nicely. Please have patience, as right now I have no idea where many...


Reader Comments(1)

cpaquin78 writes:

Back in the 90s it was the Forest Service building! Welcome to the new digs, and keep up the great work!

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