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Thought Provokers: 3/15/2023


March 15, 2023

It must be weird being a twin and getting hellos from strangers and not being sure if they are people you’ve met and forgotten about.

Life insurance in the Purge universe must be insane.

In the future, looking back at Google Street View from 50 years ago will be a fascinating glimpse into the past.

Darwin in Amazing World of Gumball is named Darwin because he’s a fish with legs.

Common sense is what everyone needs, not what everyone has.

The majority of life is doing something you don’t want to do for X minutes so that you can do something you do want to do for X minutes.

Every generation feels like they’re at the cusp of earth-shattering changes.

The voice in your head is always the same volume.

Riding shotgun is a coveted spot when with friends, but in an Uber, it’s a last resort.

Realizing how many of the rejected SharkTank contestants went on to become successful, the billionaires are terrible investors.

Everyone’s brain has split personalities, one fighting for dopamine and one asking to be healthy.

Parrots being able to mimic human speech wouldn’t be as adorable if they were 10 times their normal size.

We’ve evolved into beings that regret what they’ve evolved into.

Snow falls at terminal velocity.

Humans eat the muscles of other animals to get bigger muscles.

Robo-vacuums eat dust which is mostly dead skin. We are teaching robots to eat human flesh.

The “Greatest Generation” had an eighth-grade education.

You’re more likely to see an actor in an extreme emotional state than some of your closest friends.

Good music doesn’t need to be on full volume to be enjoyable.

Inspirational phrases become more sinister when whispered randomly.

The economy went to the crapper the moment the Dollar Store stopped selling everything for a dollar.

Before the invention of the razor, shaving was an actual skill that was appreciably hard.

Most things aren’t as bad as you expect them to be once you get over it.

Microwaves never come with a subtract 30 seconds button.

The irony of pleasure is the more we receive the less we end up with.

There is a certain age where makeup doesn’t make a person look either older or younger.

Elsewhen and elsehow are at least as useful as elsewhere.

Your first birthday is actually your second birthday.


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