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Little Guy Wrestling Dominates State Tourney

The following are the 2023 South West Montana Little Guy State Results, held in Livingston over the weekend

Pee Wee 38: Hokan Burtchett - 2nd place

Pee Wee 50: 1st grader Zayde Zitnik - 2nd place

Pee Wee 52: Julian Arterbury - 4th place

Pee Wee 55: 1st grader Westyn Lewis - 1st place

Pee Wee 85: 1st grader Noah Graveley - 1st place

Beginner 112: 2nd grader Kalvin Ostrander - 2nd place

Novice 70: 4th grader Blair Ressler - 4th place

Novice 110: 2nd grader Ty McLean - 4th place

Novice Girls 115: Layla Gonzalez - 4th place

Middle 85: Tucker Burtchett - 3rd place

Middle 100: Corbyn Wright - 2nd pl...


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