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Rec Board & Town Researching Ranch Rodeo for Frontier Days


The Whitehall Recreation Complex Board was presented a proposal for a Ranch Rodeo during Frontier Days by Town Clerk Kennedy Kleinsasser at the June meeting of the Board. The board was informed of negotiations between the town council and the Whitehall Saddle Club, spearheaded by Bill Lanes and Linda Jung. A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) may be signed by both parties at the Tuesday, June 20 meeting of the Town Council, which would keep events rolling at the complex throughout the summer.

The Town has been assured by the Whitehall Saddle Club that this event would not be affected negatively should the MOU still need updating.

Kleinsasser has been working with a known ranch rodeo provider, who had been scheduled to bring the NRA here during Frontier Days dates. Events would include branding, tie-down, loading, wild goat milking, and more. The cost of bringing the event to town is about twelve thousand dollars.

“If each Board member raises $1,000 each, we will nearly be there,” Kleinsasser said. She said she has been making calls looking for donations and sponsors. The Whitehall Chamber of Commerce will assist in providing banners and advertising, as well as assist in the development of sponsorship tiers via old documents used. She is currently looking for five volunteers to assist with chutes, etc. as well as volunteers to get certified for alcohol serving. Contact her at the Town Hall at 406-287-3972.


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