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Leeanne Delzer-Kish/Wasia, 25 (updated)

The family of Leeanne Wasia will be celebrating her beautiful yet short life on Saturday, June 17, 2023, at 11 AM at 405 W Legion in the Legion Center.

Leeanne was a member of this community since she was born and anyone who had the pleasure of knowing her is invited to say their goodbyes. A reception will follow. Her mother is requesting a potluck style and everyone is asked to bring a favorite dish.

On March 25, 2023, Leeanne Annette Delzer-Kish/Wasia tragically passed away. Leeanne was born May 28, 1997, and was the delight of her family. She grew up in Whitehall, Montana, and worked various jobs until during Covid where she found her calling as a CNA. She worked in home healthcare until her passing.

She was preceded in death by her brother, Kris Kish, and her grandpa John Raisor.

She is survived by her husband, Shad Wasia; her parents, Kim Kish and Jack and Serena Kish; grandparents, Margy Raisor, Jim and Millie Kish, and Michael Kelley; siblings, Mike Kish, Jonathon Kish, Dusty Raisor, Samantha Sampson, Cheyenne Grinnell, and Lindsey Helbing; Her aunts and uncles, Mike and Kristen Kelley, Rick and Mikel Kelley, Shannon and Tera Kelley, Jody Singleton, PJ and Vanessa Belisario, Jon Belisario, Gary Burrell, and James Belisario; cousins, Anthony Kelley, Athena Kelley, Hallee Kelley, Darius Kelley, Coya Kelley, Irry Kelley, Lily Kelley, and Alex Kelley, Trinity Kline, Ryan Belisario, Triston Belisario, Austen Belisario, Justin Belisario, Aidan Belisario; and niece, Dahneeka Walker.

Leeanne is very much loved by her family and she has a very large one. She made her family bigger by "adopting" various other aunts or uncles too numerous to name here. She is forever in our hearts and very much missed.


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