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Thought Provokers: 9/13/2023

Your car key has traveled more than your car.

Alcohol companies never show a drunk person in their ads.

Considering that they have existed for a timespan longer than humans, dinosaurs are sort of the main characters of Earth.

Flat Earthers believe in a global conspiracy.

You never see posts from women wondering why they don’t have any Tinder matches.

The brain is the smartest organ in your body...according to the brain.

Car companies always talk about how quickly their cars go from 0-100 but never about how quickly they can go from 100-0, which is much more important.

People confuse left and right but never up and down.

Earthquakes don’t kill people, buildings do.

It’s almost always rap music blasting from the annoying car beside you.

Loving to eat spicy foods is the most socially acceptable form of masochism.

Someone with a photographic memory and really bad eyesight never forgets a blurry moment.

Ice cream stores show you the portion size of their food, but restaurants don’t.

We don’t look for old songs, we look for the memories they carry.

In heavy traffic, nothing you do will significantly shorten your drive. Weaving, tailgating, and honking your horn is completely pointless, it will only satisfy your emotions.

Horses are more like electric cars as they need to be recharged overnight, rather than petrol cars that can be filled up and are ready to go straight away.

TV police dramas and cop shows just teach us how to be better criminals.

Interesting people find everything interesting. Boring people are always bored.

Everyone hates the ends of a loaf of bread, but no one has a problem with a bun.

You almost never see teenagers in historical movies, only adults and young children.

We spend millions cleaning up the plastic in the ocean, and more millions putting plastic in our fishtanks.

Someone has lost their job because of Siri.

One day you closed the lid on your favorite childhood game and never opened it again.


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