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Thought Provokers: 10/25/2023

Telling people that fruit is filled with sugars is the biggest scare tactic ever.

All the billionaires obsessed with longevity are exactly the kind of people you wouldn’t want to live forever.

Changing your hair color is normalized but wearing colored contacts for your eyes is seen as fake.

The most famous German was Austrian.

Given how much we like to snack late at night, it’s unacceptable most microwaves don’t have a MUTE option.

Smart people and stupid people are equally difficult to win an argument against.

Almost all videos we see of researchers doing research are not what they actually do.

It is impossible to procrastinate procrastinating.

Nothing can ruin every bad movie quicker than learning what exposition is.

A car that won’t go sucks, but a car that won’t stop really, REALLY sucks.

There are two kinds of people: those who throw away their clothes after losing weight, and realistic people.

We live on a planet with exploding mountains. Earth is so cool.

Having kids is a heavy price to pay for the choice of having kids.

Flowers are a perverse symbol of love: when all is said and done, flowers are just overpriced decapitated plant genitalia that’s only valued for their beauty.

AI is going to make dating apps significantly harder for meeting an unaltered person.

People rarely write love songs about each other after having kids.

The Rock has been an actor for longer than he was a wrestler.

A dusty plunger is truly wonderful.

No matter how kind or good of a person you are, you’ll always turn out to be a bad person in someone else’s story.

Reading is not boring, but it also helps you sleep.

Day drinking at a brewery is, for some reason, much more socially acceptable than day drinking at a bar.

No answer is also an answer.

There are no good synonyms for thesaurus.


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