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2023 Christmas Interviews: Mrs. Coombe's Kindergarten


LEDGER: How does Santa Claus get into your house?

MARLEE: Ummmm...I think he makes a chimney on the roof.

L: He makes one?

M: Yes, he makes one because we don't have one.

L: Do you hear him working on building the chimney?

M: No.

L: How does he do it?

M: Hmmmm...I think it's magic!

L: Does Santa drive a car?

M: No, he has a sled!

L: A sled! What kind of sled?

M: A flying sled!

L: Does it have an engine or wings?

M: (laughs) No, the reindeers make it move!

L: What do reindeer look like?

M: It's a kind of deer that looks like....a.....a...deer.

L: Do you know any of their names?



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