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2023 Christmas Interviews: Mrs. Kidwell's Kindergarten


LEDGER: What's your favorite part about Christmas?

OWEN: Decorating the tree!

L: You put a tree in your house?

O: I did and I cutted a real one!

L: How tall is your tree?

O: I don't know,'s a whole lotta big! We had to cut the top off!

L: What do you decorate your tree with?

O: Bulbs and I putted other stuff on it.

L: What's at the top of your tree?

O: Nothing!

L: Nothing at all?

O: (laughs) No! Because it's too big and we cutted the top off!

L: What do you want for Christmas?

O: A toy!

L: Just any toy...or do you want something specific?

O: A Transformer toy!

L: Who is...


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