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Thought Provokers: 3/6/2024

With the birth rate higher than the death rate, not every birth can be a reincarnation of another person.

In 20 years, bars and casinos that still allow smoking will smell like cotton candy and strawberry instead of cigarettes.

Rocket science is simple; it’s rocket engineering that’s hard.

Duramax sounds more like a brand of condoms than a truck engine.

Only bilingual people genuinely know how terrible Google Translate is.

Trying to carry all your grocery bags into the house in one go is ambitious and lazy.

Most animals have never drank anything other than milk and water.

People with the wisest opinions don’t get their opinions from people who share opinions.

No one will ever go down in history for blowing up the world.

We spend years accumulating possessions, but in the end, they all become someone else’s clutter.

We often take our ability to breathe for granted, yet the moment we struggle to catch our breath, nothing else matters.

The easiest way, by far, to become famous is to murder a bunch of people.

Idiocracy will begin when AI begins to take over writing mainstream media.

“A nugget of chicken" sounds much less appetizing than a "chicken nugget.”

You only catch hungry fish.

Some poor soul had to write those five-hundred-page terms of service agreements.

There’s a chance that an archeologist may have found their own direct ancestor’s remains.

Overconfidence is much more easily fixed than underconfidence.

Thank goodness human anatomy does not include taste buds along the entire digestive tract, just at the very beginning. Imagine how gross.

Spiderman can cross cities much faster than he can cross farms.

Since everything is fundamentally made of the same stuff (protons/ electrons/ neutrons, just in different proportions), you technically are what you eat.

Think about how many people have pictures of you in the background of them.

You’re simultaneously the main character in your own story and merely a side character or guest in the story of those around you.

There’s no one at the DMV weighing or measuring people.

People talk about noping out, but people never talk about yepping in.

People don’t like to be insulted but go out of their way to feel that way.

Rolling up your sleeves is normal but rolling up your pant legs is not.


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