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  • Escaping the Black Hole of Worry

    BRYAN GOLDEN, Dare to Live Without Limits|Dec 13, 2023

    Worry is an all-consuming black hole that drains your time, emotions, and physical well-being. Worry is insidious because you are so used to it that you aren’t aware of how often, or how readily, you worry. For some people, worry is a way of life. We grow up being taught, by example, to make worry a regular activity. We worry about what happened. We worry about what is happening now. We worry about what might happen. We worry about what others will do. We worry about what other people won’t do. We worry about just about everything. Worry bec...

  • Living Without Anger

    BRYAN GOLDEN, Dare to Live Without Limits|Oct 11, 2023

    The “benefits” of anger are many. Stress, anxiety, diminished judgment, reduced productivity, poor digestion, sleeplessness, elevated blood pressure, negative impact on relationships, unhappiness, and attraction to negative situations can all be yours just by being angry. Anger repels people, destroys relationships, creates problems, intensifies problems, causes regret, burns bridges, and dissolves solutions. Anger doesn’t have to manifest itself via your behavior to be destructive. Anger that is internalized can be just as damaging. A fundamen...

  • The Power Within

    Bryan Golden, Dare to Live Without Limits|Aug 18, 2021

    Living without limits. Living your life to the fullest. Living with happiness. Living your dreams. Living free from fear and worry. You have the power to live your life any way you want. You will never be as young as you are today. So squeeze the most out of every day. Whatever has happened to you in the past is over. Don’t allow your past to pollute your future. All that matters is what you do today. To live life your way, you have access to the most powerful tool ever known. This marvelous tool is your mind. It can be your ally or your e...

  • Overcoming Adversity

    Bryan Golden, Dare to Live Without Limits|Aug 11, 2021

    Adversity is an unavoidable part of life. Death of a loved one, breakup of a relationship, malicious action by another, job loss, natural disaster, or any other undesirable event are all circumstances people encounter. Events happen that are beyond our control. Successfully overcoming adversity is essential for a healthy life. Overcoming adversity builds mental strength, character and endurance. You develop in ways that would not otherwise be possible. When undesirable incidents occur, you want to avoid the pitfall of the past and becoming mire...

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