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  • Say Goodbye to the Old, While Ringing in the New

    COLTON ANDERSON, Star Theatre|Dec 13, 2023

    Hello, everyone. I’m happy to share the news that as of January 1st, 2024, Gold Junction Presents will become the new proprietors of the Star Theatre. Over the past eight years, I’ve dedicated myself to elevating and developing the Star Theatre, guided by two core principles: maintaining affordability and contributing to the community. I firmly believe that the theatre is the heartbeat of Whitehall, a role it has played for over a century. It’s been a central gathering spot since its earli...

  • Gold Junction Presents Bringing Nolan Spotlight Series to Star Theatre in March

    COLTON ANDERSON, Gold Junction Presents|Mar 1, 2023

    Christopher Nolan is a British-American filmmaker known for his lucrative Hollywood blockbusters with complex storytelling. Nolan is considered a leading filmmaker of the 21st century, as well as a director who pushes the boundaries of what can be done in live action, from the semi-truck flip in The Dark Knight to the Tesseract scene in Interstellar. Choosing to do as much as he can in camera instead of just relying on CGI sets him apart from his film-making competition; his films will go down...

  • Two Perspectives on Electric Vehicles (EVs)


    To anyone considering purchasing an electric vehicle, I urge you to reconsider. These vehicles are incredibly dangerous on our streets and highways and can be deadly to drivers and passengers. They are not as eco-friendly as the marketing would have you believe. This month local firefighters had the opportunity to learn about the dangers of electric vehicles and the impact they have, taught by a national company, presented to towing companies and emergency responders. EVERY firefighter needs this class and government officials should become...

  • Guest Editorial: Thank you, Whitehall!

    COLTON ANDERSON, Star Theatre|Jun 15, 2022

    Hey, everyone! To anyone who attended Top Gun Maverick this weekend, I want to say thank you for coming to enjoy a great movie and for having patience with our staff. This weekend was the busiest the theater has been in the seven years I have operated the Star; it’s a great reminder of why the theatre is important to our town. We had 535 people come to one central location and have an experience together as a community. This is exactly what the theatre is here for. Since the building was built in the 1910s it has been the gathering place for t...