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Naked Eye Events in the Night Sky

All of the planets will be up in the night sky from the 16th of June at 4:35 AM through the 27th of June at 4:40 AM. When all the planets rise they will create an arc across the Eastern sky from 91 degrees on the 16th to 107 degrees on the 27th. The...


Partial Lunar Eclipse November 18-19th

The eclipse begins on November 18th at 11:02PM MST when the Penumbra part of the Earth’s shadow touches the edge of the Moon. The Moon’s brightness at this point is -12.5. The Penumbra will continue covering the surface of the Moon until the...


Astronomical Event Visible This July 11-13th

Venus and Mars will meet up and be joined by the Moon. To see this event look West where the Sun will set about 9:55 PM on July 11th through 13th. You will see a bright Venus and right next to it will be a dimmer ruby Mars. On the 11th the Moon will...


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