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  • Dear Editor: A Tax Exempt Charitable Organization Can't Donate to a For-Profit Entity

    JOHN MOULTON|Jul 10, 2024

    Dear Editor, I am neither a lawyer nor a business advisor, but I have danced with a few 501C3s. A tax-exempt charitable organization may or may not have a relationship with a business or entity. The entity may sever that relationship, but that doesn't dissolve the 501C3. The charity can only dissolve by not renewing its certificate with the State or by a majority vote of its officers. Before that, it could only deal with tax-exempt funds by following the outlines of its charter or by-laws. It...

  • Dear Editor: Corporation Taxes

    John Moulton|Jun 2, 2021

    Dear Editor, Regarding Terry Minow Big Sky 55’s article on big pharmacy: Corporations do not pay taxes no matter their tax rate. If Zoom, which no one had heard of pre-pandemic had it’s profits grow 600%, they would in theory be taxed at a higher rate. No matter the rate paid, the cost are passed on to paying subscribers. t doesn’t matter if it’s a utility, pharmaceutical provider or a food distributor. If you set your prices to the customer you include your tax costs. If we were to tax drug suppliers at a higher rate we would each see it in t...