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  • Whitehall Schools Nurses Check-In

    KRISTA GLAUS and MARYBETH HUNTER, Whitehall School Nurses|Apr 26, 2023

    Eventually, spring weather will be here, and with all the snow, hopefully, plenty of water for the warm months. That also means the trees and flowers will be ready to grow with the sunshine. We see plenty of students when the weather changes with allergy symptoms: red, itchy, or watery eyes, sneezing, nasal drainage, and fatigue. If you know your child struggles at this time of the year with these symptoms, start appropriate medications to manage them. If your child has these symptoms, but you’ve never talked to your provider about allergies,...

  • Whitehall School Nurses Check-In: March 2023

    KRISTA GLAUS and MARYBETH HUNTER, Whitehall School Nurses|Mar 22, 2023

    March is a month that shines a light on some very important topics for our student population: nutrition (including the importance of breakfast) and sleep. There are plenty of age-appropriate tasks you can teach your child to be helpful in the kitchen. This resource breaks it down by age groups. Obviously, safety is key and you know your child best, so until you have seen them work with a utensil like a peeler or a knife, don’t think they will be able to do it just because they fall into these age groups. It can be a very good bonding...

  • Whitehall Schools Nurses Check-In

    KRISTA GLAUS and MARYBETH HUNTER, Whitehall School Nurses|Feb 8, 2023

    February is Pediatric Dental Health Month. We are lucky that Sealants for Smiles came in Tuesday, February 7th to see many of our elementary students. Visit to see the parent resources on their website. If you didn’t sign your child up this year, we encourage you to consider having them participate next year! Teaching your child to place importance on good oral health is a great habit to maintain into and through adulthood. When your teeth don’t hurt and you have all your teeth, it allows...

  • Whitehall Schools Counselors & Nurses Check-In

    KRISTA GLAUS and MARYBETH HUNTER, Whitehall School Nurses|Jan 25, 2023

    HELP GETTING ALONG: Are you struggling as a family to “get along”? Do you think you have to have it all together all the time as a parent? What are some ways that you can make sure your child is resilient as they age? Mental health conditions can begin to develop in young children. Because they’re still learning how to identify and talk about thoughts and emotions, their most obvious symptoms are behavioral. Symptoms in children may include the following: ● Changes in school performance ● Excessive worry or anxiety, for instance...

  • Whitehall School Nurses Holiday Check-In

    KRISTA GLAUS and MARYBETH HUNTER, Whitehall School Nurses|Dec 14, 2022

    The media likes to portray the holidays as a happy time, but they are not for everyone. Check out some tips from Youth Dynamics for helping kids deal with holiday stress. Youth Dynamics is a mental health service provider around Montana. The closest locations to Whitehall are Boulder and Butte. “The holiday season is a time that, for many, is filled with fun and joy. Yet, for others, it’s a period flavored withstress and even trauma. This time of year can bring up memories of loss, create tension in homes, and present challenges as many...