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  • Dear Editor: SB44s's Failed Veto Override - A Sickening Display of Political Theater

    SHEILA HOGAN, Executive Director of the Montana Democratic Party|May 1, 2024

    Dear Editor, SB 442's failed veto override was a sickening display of political theater. Given today's political climate, it's not often that members of our Montana Legislature show overwhelming, bipartisan support for a piece of legislation. SB 442 was that special unicorn that brought Democrats and Republicans from across Montana together to champion a few things we can all agree on: allocating marijuana tax revenue to support our veterans, maintain roads, and increase access to our public...

  • Your Sporting & Conservation Legacy Is at Risk, and It's Worth Fighting For

    SHEILA HOGAN, Montana Democratic Party|Mar 30, 2022

    As one of seven kids growing up in Butte, Montana, the holidays in our house were equal parts chaos and celebration. But one thing was a constant—when you reached a certain age, you could expect to find your first hunting rifle under the Christmas tree. But with that gift came responsibilities—hunter safety, fair chase hunting ethics, and an understanding that public lands are an essential part of our hunting heritage in Montana. In one way or another, the opposite of these lessons has shown up in Montana headlines over the last few yea...