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  • Dear Editor: Spend, Spend, Spend

    TOM JENKIN|Jun 26, 2024

    Dear Editor, Spend, spend, spend... On June 4th, Steve Antonioli received an email from the Town office stating that he could not do anything (using Pool Pals, Inc. – a 501(c)(3) funds) at the pool without the Town Council's approval. Did the Council members approve that email, or was this later rubber-stamped? Steve was four days from having the pool ready to open. He turned in his resignation from the Pool Board effective immediately. The Town then spent $2000 to have someone else finish t...

  • Dear Editor: If you can't fully fund a project, don't propose it

    TOM JENKIN|Aug 30, 2023

    Dear Editor, I watched the Town Council meeting on the TV and heard a brief comment about the horseshoe pits being taken out to make room for a children's playground along Legion Street (MT Hwy 2). Legion Street is a major route through town. Did the town get permission from Rail Link and also from the MT Department of Transportation to place a children's playground next to the highway? If a playground is put next to the highway, then what comes next – a fence to protect the children? Who w...

  • Dear Editor: Basically Just Talk But No Action

    TOM JENKIN|Jan 11, 2023

    Dear Editor, I attended the Special Meeting of the Whitehall Town Council on Jan. 4th, listened to the Recreational Proposal, and participated in the comments about the history of the current Recreation Complex. When the Town received the land from the County, there was no plan in place to maintain the facility. All maintenance was done by volunteers, primarily by members of the Saddle Club. Other groups had wanted to use the facility but did little to develop their areas. With limited funds from the Town and volunteerism primarily from the...

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