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By Arcylle Shaw
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Had an occasion to visit Wagner’s Nursery in Butte and what an experience! When I need a ‘flower fix’ , that is the place to go. The flowers are so beautiful - and the fragrance, Wow! It was better than shopping for new clothes. Matthew 6:28 and 29 have it right. “Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow. They neither toil nor spin, and yet I say unto you, even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of them.”

News from the school is scant, but I was told that the garage sale was successful and they had lots of donations, sold many, many items and was able to share the ‘left overs’ with other entities. The 3rd and 4th grades are learning about rocks and minerals during the Montana Outdoor Science School. Judges were just finishing up the investigation of the Science Fair projects and have not received any results. Visiting with Nakoah Falcon, Sammy Clay and Ellis Mastel, I discovered they were very thorough with their research and presentations. Nakoah did his on preservation of bananas. Black peels from refrigeration is not bad - in fact, they kept the best, as compared to a baggie and just the air. Sammy did her project on clean air. She proved her hypothesis that Cardwell’s air was cleaner than other towns in the area. She was correct with experiment. Ellis thought that colored water would color the blooms of a flower if watered with colored water while growing. It did not work that way, but the roots absorbed the color, however. She was going to continue her experiment at home to do further research.

Hal Stearns presented an interesting and very informative history of ‘Religion in Montana’ at the Catholic Church Mother’s Day Dinner. Joan Jones favored the crowd with music from her accordion, Helen Carey led the group singing Amazing Grace and Millie Bordsen offered the blessing. The prime rib was sooooo good and Chris Wagner put the right touch on it! Everything about the dinner was perfect. A good meal and history lesson all in one package - what a treat. (There were others that added to the meal, but don’t want to miss acknowledging anyone, so will just say ‘good job’.)

The Jefferson Valley Museum re-organized at the May meeting. Janice Carmody and Ron Hunt were retained as President and Vice President. Advertising for bids for the preparation and painting of the outside of the Museum was one of the main items on the agenda. An advertisement was put in the Ledger. New signs are being erected on Legion Ave., Whitehall Street and the big sign at the entrance to the Museum. Cleaning was put on the schedule, along with finishing up some additions of donations. Paul Backlund from the Jefferson County Museum in Clancy attended the meeting and was looking for pictures and information regarding Borden’s when it was the Modern Hotel. John Joy located pictures for him and sent them by e-mail. This week, Martha Hanson and Dannette Simon re=arranged a dairy display after it had been cleaned by Lauren Grinder. Pat Holman brought new life to the leather on the buggies, sleighs and the surrey. Catherine Ellerton jumped right in helping spruce up the whole barn. May 27th will find the Museum polished and ready to greet the visitors for the 2017 season. A HUGE thank you to all of the volunteers.


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