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By Arcylle Shaw
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August 16, 2017

In the Fall of 1980, our daughter, Kelly, left for college in Nampa, Idaho at Northwest Nazarene College and sent us this. I thought maybe there would be some parent that could use a little encouragement and would be blessed.

Hold Fast the Summer

It is the beauty of the day and all it contains.

The laughter, the work and finally, the sleep. The quiet.

Oh, September, do not put your weight upon my mind,

For I know that she will be going.

This daughter of mine who is now a woman - she must go.

Time will lace my thoughts with joyous years,

The walls will echo her “Hello”. Her caring will be around each corner,

Her tears will be tucked into our memory book.

Life calls her beyond our reach - to different walls.

New faces, shiny halls, shy smiles, many places -

Great learning-she must go -- but wait, before she leaves,

Be sure she knows you love her. Hide the lump in your throat as you hug her.

She’ll soon be home again - she will be different.

The little girl will have disappeared.

How I wish I could take Sept. and shake it, for it came too soon.

I must look to the beauty of each day and give thanks.

-Ellie and Aubrie Norville are excited about a new sister that should be arriving next week. Matt and Carmen Norville made a trip to the Cardwell area from their home in Malta to visit family and friends. Sue and Julian Norville don’t often get to enjoy these little great granddaughters, so enjoyed every minute. Later in the week Sue and Julian went to Belgrade to honor Tyler Ehret on his 18th birthday. It was a grandparents ‘wishing him well’ party.

After an extended stay in upper state New York, Skip and Sandy Parker are back at home in Cardwell. Employment with the company that Skip works for had him working back east, but when Skip’s Mom, Pat, needed care, Sandy came home early to help out. The company has holdings at Sappington, Three Forks, as well as other locations. It’’s good to have Parkers home. They are good neighbors.

The Cardwell School Board finalized the budget and completed the staff for the 2016-2017 school year. Monies from the State have been reduced $12,000. The Board will be looking into other means to meet the shortfall. William Hildebrand has been hired as a teacher’s aid and Nola Smith in the Special Ed department. September 5, 2017 the buses will be running and the school bell will be ringing - much too soon. The contract with Legends for the hot lunch program was renewed. Chairman, Trent Biggers, said that around 35 students participated last year in the program which provides reduced cost or free to qualifying students.

Dawn Lewton had a scare. During an electrical storm, she looked out her living room window just in time to see lightning strike and start a fire and immediately, a second bolt of lightning caused another fire. Keeping calm and reporting the situation to the proper authorities, she kept thinking, “If that fire heads this way, what will I take out of my house?” All of sudden, a cloud burst sent rain and even hail to extinguish both fires. Friends of Monte Kemper and Keith MacMurdie drove up to make sure the fires were completely out. They were. “As for God, His way is perfect; the word of the LORD is proven; He is a shield to all who trust in Him.” Psalm 18:30


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