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By Arcylle Shaw
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September 27, 2017

Got a call from Patty Strozzi this week. She recently moved to Bozeman after sometime of trying to sell her house on North Whitehall Street. She had to tell me about shopping at Maurice’s and meeting one of my granddaughters, Angelica Shaw, who had just recently became a manger. It was a great experience, she said. Wanted everyone in Whitehall to know she says “hello” and is doing well. She was greatly missed at the Museum this season. She is a wealth of history.

Thirteen fourth and fifth graders from the ‘After School Program’ visited the Museum with the intent to learn more about the area that they call home - mainly the Jefferson Valley and surrounding areas. Their main teacher, Mrs. Martha Farrand, with an aid, accompanied them. Volunteers that took individual groups were impressed not only with their interest, but the excellent behavior and enthusiasm. They will be most welcome to return!

Tom and Kimberly Armstrong from the Portland area visited family and friends for several days recently. Along with Tom’s brothers, Pete, John and Ed, they toured the valley, noticing changes along the way. On Tom’s Grandma Lucy’s Corner, there is a second home being built by Chris Schmidt. Other new homes have been built on South Boulder. Many changes called ‘progress’.

A meeting of the Southwest Tourism Dept. was held at the Borden’s Conference Room last Thursday. Representatives from as far as Missoula and other towns reported on happenings in each area. Chamber of Commerce, State Parks, and other entities organize to promote tourism in Montana - particularly Southwest Montana. Problems, promotion and general advertising - successful or not - were the main discussion. New web-page designers shared their ideas and what they could do to promote Montana and Made in Montana products. Lunch was served by Jan Thorne from Subway before finishing the business at hand.

It’s been a little while, but the colts at Susie’s Huckaba’s are so beautiful and fun to watch. She told me that she bought them as weanlings - I think that is the right word. They were cute then and still are. It won’t be long before someone breaks them to work. Such amazing creatures God has created!

The concert and Round-up Breakfast was well attended. These are amazing musicians who live miles apart and in different states and yet came together to entertain and lead worship as if they practiced together on a daily basis. I can’t even explain in how gifted they are with their instruments and voices! On Sunday afternoon, Tait Powell and Logan Mehlhoff took several of them with their children on a ride on a wagon up into an area on the Powell ranch for an adventure. What an adventure it turned out to be. The steepness of the road caused the transmission fluid in the tractor to fail and the tractor and trailer/wagon started rolling backwards down the hill. It jackknifed to keep it from becoming a disastrous situation. Tait and Logan walked back to the ranch and got a truck to go back and rescue the visitors, plus Dave Parker and his three little ones. Their first trip to Montana will certainly never be forgotten. Who knows, they might even compose a song to tell the story.

Matt and Asheli Racicot have a new son, Hayden Alan. Born on September 19, 2017. Hayden weighed 7’5”. His grandparents are Kipp and Dawn Huckaba of Cardwell and Bill and Linda Racicot of Bozeman. Great-grandmothers are Susie Huckaba of Cardwell and Roseanna Rutherford of Browning. Hayden is little brother to Ethan.


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