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Go Ask Jo: 5/26/2021

Dear Jo,

How can you tell if someone is really sorry? I feel like people say “I’m sorry” because they believe it will make me feel better or ease a tense situation, not because they genuinely are sorry.

Signed, Sick of sorry

Dear Sick,

You are right! I feel the only way to tell if people are really sorry is to see if their behavior changes. If the sorry is followed by the same attitude or behavior, you know it was not truly meant.

Signed, Jo


Dear Jo,

I am a nurse and I am pregnant. The other day a patient actually asked me if was “just fat” or pregnant! I promptly told him “both!” Why do people think it is ok to ask such personal questions, be rude, touch my belly, be downright obnoxious?! Short of punching someone (I have thought about it!), what would a good response be to let someone know they are out of line?

Signed, Baby Full

Dear Baby,

First, congratulations! I think people instinctively think that pregnant women are softer, kinder, more easy going (not to be sexist, but I am guessing your patient was a man). Women are seen as “motherly” when they are pregnant. With that said, anyone commenting on or touching a pregnant woman is taking a chance with their personal well being. I am sure that many women would love to slap the comment right off someone’s face. It’s a shame it’s against the law. A few bloody noses would surely set a new precedent for keeping your mouth shut and your hands to yourself when addressing a pregnant woman. Hang in there and best wishes on your new arrival.

Signed, Jo

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