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RECIPE OF THE WEEK: Cousin Cleavon's Bobcat Jerky


February 23, 2022

Cousin Cleavon's Bobcat Jerky

In my opinion, bobcat is one of the hardest animals to get but satisfies the most indiscriminate tastes.

You can either use hounds to track the cat down or use a trap to get him by his foot. When using hounds, all you do is let them out of the truck and drink all the beer you want until you hear them dogs go crazy. The one problem with hounds is that they can leave the hide all holey. That means you will not be able to make that sexy bobcat rug for your wife for Valentine's Day.

As for trapping, it can take weeks to get the right animal in the trap. I use fish heads, saved from dynamite fishing, to attract the bobcat. My wife (or other) and I will take a walk up the hill to good hunting grounds. She rubs the fish heads on the trees, as I set up the traps. Sometimes I will joke with my wife and yell and scream like the traps got me. Normally this gives me a week of silence in the house.

After picking your method, remember to keep the tail and skull of the bobcat. Although small, the tail Is great for bartering. There are guys who will give anything for a little tail. You may want it for yourself if you pulled the caught-in-the-trap joke. The skull is so when your grandkids come over you can tell them a story of how you saved grandma from the big old bobcat or Bigfoot if you really want to wide-eye 'em.


- Bobcat

- Hounds (optional)

- Traps (optional)

- Beer

- Fish heads

- Wife or other significant other. Another cousin may be substituted.

- Laundry drying rack or front door screen

- Pepper and other

seasonings of your choosing


1. Catch and skin (if necessary, after the dogs) bobcat. There are many different pieces of meat people like for jerky, but I enjoy the back or front leg meat because it is chewier.

2. Then get your bestest, cleanest, knife to cut the meat into thin strips. The thinner the meat the faster you can give your wife back the laundry drying rack.

3. Then add your seasoning to your meat. Please remember not to tell anyone if you drop the meat because most people can't tell the difference between black pepper and dirt.

4. Now to dry the meat. In my house we don't have fancy electricity, so we use the old ways. You can use your wife's laundry drying rack, or the front door screen, to hang out the meat for about 2-3 weeks. If you use the rack, you must flip the meat every two days.

Bon Appetit!

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P.S. these recipes aren't verified - but let us know if you give them a try!


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