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We Are HER Live Podcast Fundraiser December 3rd

It's no secret that mental health resources in rural Montana are few and far between.

And in a small town like Whitehall, driving to Butte or Bozeman to access mental health services doesn't always seem worth the gas.

That's where organizations like We Are HER can step in. We Are HER is a local nonprofit that helps survivors of abuse or assault heal after trauma. The organization is unique because it primarily provides online services to decrease barriers around access and the stigma of seeking help. We Are HER offers three distinct types of programming for survivors: safe story sharing, community building, and trauma recovery education.

Because of its unique platform, the organization has been able to help hundreds of survivors through various inclusive, innovative, and easily accessible online platforms that empower survivors to take control of their own healing journeys.

We Are HER does not offer crisis intervention services and helps survivors who are out of dangerous situations as they try to heal from trauma.

"Survivors tell us that they've never experienced an organization that is focused on helping them once they are no longer in a crisis situation," said We Are HER's founder, Stevie Croisant. "Just because the immediate danger of their situation may be over, it does not mean they no longer need care and support."

The organization has been in operation since 2018 as a 501c3 organization. Since then, they have offered over 1000 minutes of virtual educational programming, have helped over 600 survivors, helped an annual average of 70 survivors through their digital meetup programs, have shared 34 survivor stories on their award-winning podcast, have helped 20 survivors through their retreat, have awarded one mental health scholarship (new program started in 2022), among other highlights.

"I recommend We Are HER to my clients as part of their recovery to enable them to have a supportive community," said therapist Tammy Thieme, LCSW. "I have experienced clients leaving abusive relationships because they have felt empowered by We Are HER."

The organization is looking for your support as they host a community fundraiser at the Star Theatre on Saturday, December 3, at 6 p.m. Funds raised from the event will support survivors through We Are HER's seven core programs. Community members are encouraged to learn about We Are HER. This fundraiser will feature a survivor who has found healing through We Are HER's programs. Tickets to this fundraiser are $10. Unique silent auction items will be available to bid on. Learn more and purchase your tickets at


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