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Recently I have been having a weird craving for brains. Probably because Halloween is coming up. On the other hand, maybe it's because so many people say I could use some. In either case, 'tis the season.

About a week ago I got bitten by a creepy looking raccoon. It was walking on its hind legs, with its paws hanging loose from its front legs. I could see it was missing teeth, had glassy eyes, and walked really stiffly and slowly. It also smelled like it was dead.

I tried to run, but it was like I was in a trance and couldn't move.

After it bit me, I went to ol' Doc Sacry, who gave me a shot and cleaned it out. I was told to wait a week before I took off the bandage. When I did, I was shocked to see the bite was green. So, I cleaned it out with alcohol (and took a few swigs for added protection), but l was feeling very strange. Craving brains!

Even after all that cleaning, I had a bigger desire for brains. So, I got out my shotgun and brought down an annoying squirrel that has been hanging around my house. After my cat got the squirrel out of the tree for me, I cut off its head for brain soup and gave the rest to my cat.

Here is the recipe, in case any of you get bitten by a zombie, human, or critter.


Zombie squirrel brain

Salt and pepper

Food coloring (optional, for

queasiness...or leave as is for fine queasyn. I crack myself up!)

Hot brain water, also known as brain brine, in a bowl.


1. Take the brain out of the skull, then put it in the brain bowl.

2. Pour the brain brine over the brain and add black pepper.

3. Bring the brain brine blend to a boil, basting often.

4. Add food coloring, if you have a delicate stomach, to make it look more palatable.

5. Cook for exactly 13 minutes.

6. Eat immediately.

Bon Appetit....Brains......Brains..... Brains...... PS...these recipes are not verified, but if you give them a try, please let us know how they go!


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