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  • Dear Editor: The Sign

    GERALD JOHNSON|Sep 13, 2023

    Dear Editor, This is a story about THE SIGN and so much more. It started pretty much like any other day, then took an unexpected turn. Or maybe, not so unexpected. On the road to Butte, headed up the pass, I pull into the rest area. A familiar shade of green is illuminated by the sunlight. Woah! What? I was kind of shocked - laying in the mud, half of it suffocated beneath the trash dumpster was THE SIGN. JESUS CHRIST 2020 is all that was visible, but I knew what the hidden words under the dumpster were. I thought how symbolic is that? The...

  • Dear Editor: A critique of Ledger's LTE 12/7/2022

    GERALD JOHNSON|Jan 4, 2023

    Dear Editor, A “critique” of the Ledger’s Letters to the Editor on 12/7/2022. “J. Butt” - Blah blah blah blah blah boring. Double dribble. “Computer Kelly” - the Earth is flat. Elvis is alive. And the cow jumped over the moon. “The Professor” - How does “civilized discussion” jive with the embrace and defense of the murder weapon, a gun, while lifeless school children are piled up in their Uvaldi classroom waiting to be identified by the “color of their tennis shoes.” And, two were decapitated - how? “The Terminator” - Direct. Abras...

  • Dear Editor: The Terminator and the Constitution

    GERALD JOHNSON|Dec 7, 2022

    Dear Editor, The TERMINATOR - straight from the insurrectionist’s mouth: “I haven’t read the Constitution, but from what I’ve been told, most of it is a waste of paper quite frankly; the fifth amendment is the only part worth saving.” A former President of the United States and the freak has not read the Constitution. Wow. “When I left office, I took a lot of documents with me, but I had no interest in taking the Constitution. If I could have cut the 5th amendment out of the Constitution and put it in my pocket, I would have done that, but t...

  • Dear Editor: Guns. Guns. Guns.

    GERALD JOHNSON|Jun 8, 2022

    Dear Editor, Is there anybody out there…just nod if you can hear me. (P.F.) Entering Whitehall from the east “looms” a message. An affirmation of hate and barbarism. The shameful battle cry of America’s spiritually worn and morally lost. And an ominous epitaph cut into the tombstone of its victims. “Guns. Guns. Guns.” The false God of godless America. “The Gun God” is worshipped like the golden calf in the wilderness by those drunk with addiction and pathological ignorance of the truth. “Guns. Guns. Guns.” The #1 cause of death for children,...

  • Dear Editor: People Kill People?

    Gerald Johnson|Sep 15, 2021

    Dear Editor, So, some of you still hold to the addiction induced belief that “guns don’t kill people…” That may be true in an alternate universe using alternative facts showing that people are in control, but not in this universe. In this universe people have never been in “control,” especially when it comes to guns. People do not control guns. Guns control people. An example: Missoula’s Hellgate High on the third day of 2021 classes. The report of a gun on campus “controlled” all things that followed. People were not the threat. School au...

  • Dear Editor: Afghanistan and Our Wars

    Gerald Johnson|Sep 8, 2021

    Dear Editor, So, Afghanistan. The War on Terror. America’s “Longest” War. Right? Not even close. Not even in the ballpark. The U.S. Department of Veteran’s Affairs say non-native Americans, AKA U.S. Army, waged war on Native America from approximately 1817 – 1898. That’s 81 years. But that number, 81 years, is simply an “aberration.” For those of us who are not living “the big lie” we know that Native Americans have been victims of violent wars since Columbus “invaded” their shores. That’s 529 years and counting! How about the ongoing war on...

  • Dear Editor: Turn to the Centerfold

    Gerald Johnson|Aug 25, 2021

    Dear Editor, What can happen by uncaring and repetitious behaviors like Pool Pals Gun Raffles, Chamber of Commerce Multi-gun raffles, Little League Gun Raffles, Veteran’s Gun Shows, Gun sales, gun shops, gun vending machines on every block? NRA “Terrorism” and gun addicted American’s “imprisoned” in denial lead to..... TURN TO THE CENTERFOLD. Gerald Johnson, Cardwell, Montana...

  • Dear Editor: "Protect Children, Not Guns"

    Gerald Johnson|Apr 7, 2021

    Dear Editor, When or if your readers read “Protect Children, Not Guns – An Initiative” in today’s Ledger, everyone should understand that it is not an Op-Ed by me. It is not an opinion. It is a fact and a reality faced by all of America’s children every day. It is my hope that many of you will “download” the entire publication of the Children’s Defense Fund’s “Protect the Children, Not Guns” and ask yourself, do I “treasure” my child/children - warm, loving, creations of God; or do I “treasure” my gun/guns – cold, hard, tools of Satan? “Fo...

  • Protect Children, Not Guns - an Initiative

    Compiled by GERALD JOHNSON|Apr 7, 2021

    On April 20, 1999, Americans witnessed a once unthinkable and no unforgettable tragedy at Columbine high School. We watched in horror as frightened children fled with their hands up, frantic parents tried to reunite with their children, and traumatized survivors told reporters about the violence they witnessed. It was the first time many of us saw these terrifying scenes. But it was far from the last. Since Columbine, an entire generation of children has suffered these sudden and terrifying...