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 By RAE BRUCE    Community    May 24, 2023

This Month in Montana History: May

May 20th, 1862, 161 years ago: President Lincoln signed the Homestead Act of 1862. Under this new law, an American citizen could claim 160 acres of Federal land, provided they "prove up" and reside...

 By RAE BRUCE    Community    April 26, 2023

This Month in Montana History: April

April 12th 1864, 159 years ago: The American Civil War begins. Montana would not become a territory until three years later and played little role in the Civil War itself. Despite this, several...

 By RAE BRUCE    Community    March 29, 2023

This Month in Montana History: March

March 1st 1872, 151 years ago: The Yellowstone National Park Protection Act is signed into law by President Ulysses S. Grant, establishing Yellowstone as the first national park in the United States....

 By RAE BRUCE    Community    March 1, 2023

This Month in Montana History

February 2nd 1865, 158 years ago: The Territory of Montana creates nine original counties: Jefferson County, Beaverhead County, Big Horn County (later renamed Custer County) Chouteau County, Deer Lodg...


This Month in Montana History: January

January 10, 1864; 159 years ago: Sheriff of Bannack and head of the road agents Henry Plummer is publicly executed by Montana Vigilantes. 17 more road agents will be killed by vigilantes throughout...


This Month in Montana History

October 3rd, 1825, 197 years ago: Thomas J. Galbraith is born in Pennsylvania. He became the first elected Judge for the Fifth Judicial District of Montana in 1889 and served until 1893. October...

 By RAE BRUCE    Community    July 20, 2022

This Month in Montana History: July

July 4th, 1803, 219 years ago: Under President Thomas Jefferson, America purchases 530,000,000 acres of land from France in the Louisiana Purchase. Although negotiations had been taking place months prior and the official territory was purchased on...

 By RAE BRUCE    Community    June 29, 2022

This Month in Montana History: June

JUNE June 5, 1901 (121 years ago): The Montana School for the Deaf and Dumb in Boulder honors its first graduates, Lena Flesher and Blaine Hurst. At the time, the school was referred to as the...


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