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  • This Month in Montana History: December

    RAEMARIE BRUCE, Jefferson County Museum|Dec 14, 2022

    December 16th 1862, 160 years ago: William A. Clark is born in Colorado. Clark would serve as an attorney in Virginia City for 25 years before being elected to Congress in 1895. In 1912, he would become Judge for the Fifth Judicial District from 1912 until his death in 1921. Most notably, he was the judge in the case against Butte Mine Worker President Muckle McDonald, whom he sentenced to jail. December 19th 1863, 159 years ago: Virginia City holds a three-day outdoor "miner court" trial for...

  • This Month in Montana History: November

    RAEMARIE BRUCE, Jefferson County Museum|Nov 23, 2022

    November 18th 1864, 158 years ago: Prospector James E. Riley claims rights to the land that will be Boulder Hot Springs. By 1867, he will construct a crude bathhouse and tavern that is a far cry from the opulent Queen Anne-style building that exists today. November 19th 1867, 135 years ago: The Montana Central Railway between Great Falls and Helena is completed. November 8th 1889, 133 years ago: Montana officially becomes the 41st state in the United States. November 4th 1897, 125 years ago: A magnitude 6.4 earthquake strikes Montana, with an...

  • This Month in Montana History: September

    RAEMARIE BRUCE, Jefferson County Museum|Sep 21, 2022

    September 17, 1851; 171 years ago: The Fort Laramie Treaty is signed by representatives of the United States, Cheyenne, Sioux, Arapaho, Crow, Assiniboine, Mandan, Hidasta, and Arikara nations. The treaty set forth boundaries between the nations and ensured that white settlers would have safe passage west. The treaty was broken almost immediately by white settlers moving into what is now Colorado and Kansas. September 16, 1855; 167 years ago: Montgomery H. Parker is born in Kentucky. He moved to...

  • This Month in Montana History: August

    RAEMARIE BRUCE, Jefferson County Museum|Aug 24, 2022

    August 9th-10th 1877, 145 years ago: The Battle of the Big Hole is fought between the US Army's 7th Infantry Regiment and the Nez Perce tribe. The battle was part of the five-month Nez Perce War, caused when the US broke the Treaty of Walla Walla and forced Nez Perce to relocate to a reservation in Idaho territory. The results of the battle are inconclusive, as both sides suffered heavy casualties. August 6th, 1890, 132 years ago: Railroad station at Elkhorn opens. The station would run until...