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Op-Ed Freedom's Best Friend: Armed Citizens

So far, the obvious has eluded us. There’s a critical lesson to be learned from the tragic bloodbath that was once the peaceful cities, hillsides and farmlands of Ukraine. TV commentators are bent on characterizing Ukraine as a democratic and free...


Guest Opinion: Why Do Politicians Lie?

We’ve all heard the quip, “how do you know when a politician is lying?” Answer: His lips are moving. But there’s another obvious question that begs an obvious answer. WHY do politicians lie? Answer: Because they can. The American media ...


Op-Ed: Speech Control is Thought Control

I used to dismiss as a peculiar form of psychosis, the desire of some troubled souls to silence and censor the right of others to speak and think freely. After all, the impulse to gag the mouth and shut the mind of another individual is hardly what...


The Free Money Game: When Will Republicans Wise Up?

Every election cycle, you can count on Republican candidates promising to reduce the size and cost of government, and in general, getting government out of our businesses and out of our daily lives. Yet as every session of the legislature...


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