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  • Carey Ranch of Boulder Awarded 2022 Great Montana Ranch Award

    SANDY CAREY and ELIZABETH PULLMAN, Carey Ranch, Whitehall Ledger|Oct 5, 2022

    At the 2022 Montana Pro Rodeo Hall and Wall of Fame Scholarship Fundraising Banquet and Gathering on Saturday, October 1, the Carey Ranch was honored as the 2022 Great Montana Ranch of the year. "Chris & I felt so honored that the organization chose the Carey Ranch," said Sandy Carey. "We feel like it is a great tribute to Chris's dad, Tom, and the generations before him." Carey had put together a brief history of the Carey Ranch for the event, which is shared here. "We wouldn't be where we are...

  • Fall Festival Deadlines Fast Approaching

    ELIZABETH PULLMAN, Whitehall Ledger|Oct 5, 2022

    The Whitehall Chamber of Commerce would like to remind everyone that the annual Fall Festival is right around the corner, being held Saturday, October 22. Several deadlines are approaching! VENDORS The Whitehall Chamber is able to accommodate a very large number of vendors, however, since they reserve the right to limit the number of businesses with the same product, service, or profession, get your vendor applications in as soon as possible. Vendors should plan to be available from 10 AM to 4 PM on October 22 but are welcome to stay open...

  • Pies for Non-Profits at Fall Festival

    DORIE WESTHOVEN, Whitehall Garden Club|Oct 5, 2022

    Calling all pie bakers! Time to make your magic with fat, flour, fruit, and sugar to benefit Whitehall’s non-profits. Once again, the Whitehall Garden Club is sponsoring a SILENT PIE AUCTION and PIE by the SLICE during the Fall Festival taking place Saturday, October 22. Proceeds benefit the local non-profit YOU designate when dropping off your pies. Thanks to the generosity of Colton Anderson, we will be located in the lobby of the Star Theatre. No wind, rain, sleet, or snow will dampen our spirits or make mush of your pie. There will be an a...

  • Law-Providing Citizens

    Oct 5, 2022

    Patricia Morse, Emily Bruner, and Amy Volz passed the July 2022 bar exam and were sworn into the Montana bar as lawyers last week....

  • Dear Editor: A Pig is a Pig

    Bob Wagner|Oct 5, 2022

    Dear Editor, You may paint a pig’s lips with lipstick, polish and paint its toes pink; or even give it a girly name such as Kamala, Nancy, or Monica; but it does not change the fact that it is still a pig. Such is the same with the practice of elective abortions. One may call it Women’s Reproductive Healthcare, or a woman’s right, but it cannot erase the fact that it is a calculated decision to kill a baby. For 50 years liars have worked to convince the masses that this is good, but evil cannot hide from the truth. Hillary tells us, “we m...

  • Dear Editor: In Support of Gary Buchanan

    GRANT GODBOLT|Oct 5, 2022

    Dear Editor, In today’s toxic political climate I believe we need someone positive in Washington DC. Gary Buchanan is running as an Independent for the eastern district house seat for the U.S. House of Representatives. Jefferson County is in the eastern Congressional district. A close friend of mine convinced me to volunteer for the Buchanan campaign. My friend worked for Gary in 1994 when Gary was asked by Governor Marc Racicot to re-organize Montana State Government. My friend has known Gary and his family for about 30 years and is heavily i...

  • Dear Editor: In Support of Mary Hensleigh

    JERRY MCDONALD|Oct 5, 2022

    Dear Editor, I’ve served alongside Mary Hensleigh for two years as Sanders County Director in the newly formed Big Sky Passenger Rail Authority, the newest and largest transportation district in the state. Mary is Jefferson County’s appointed Director and serves with 18 other Directors—one from each County along the route. The Authority is organized under Montana State statute. Director Hensleigh has been a fundamental author of financial policy, budget rules, and methodologies. Conversely, Director Hensleigh has a positive and credible influen...

  • Dear Editor: No Support Here for Penny Ronning

    JIM BUTERBAUGH|Oct 5, 2022

    Dear Editor, I read with interest and sadness the Letter to the Editor (LTE) in the September 28th issue of the Whitehall Ledger from John Driscoll of Helena. It started off so well. He wrote about how all political parties and most media are about convenience to their agenda, whichever side their loyalties lie with. Obviously true. He refers to them as ‘grasstops’ politics, as opposed to ‘grassroots’ politics. Then he went on to label about every type of Montanan there is, thankfully omitting race, ethnicity, and sexual preference. The onl...

  • Dear Editor: More Costs to Local County Level

    JERRY L. FRIEND|Oct 5, 2022

    Dear Editor, Once again, the State of Montana is pushing more costs down to the local and county levels. The County Treasurer’s offices across the state have always had a partnership with the Department of Justice, Motor Vehicle Division to provide the service of licensing and renewing motorized vehicles for the residents of our counties. The counties have always provided the building, staff, and utilities as their share of the costs of the service. The Department of Justice has always provided the needed supplies such as paper, toner, t...

  • Thought Provokers: 10/5/2022

    Oct 5, 2022

    MacGyver was more impressive in the 80s because no one had smartphones and google. All his expertise was real. Giving up is viewed as weak or lazy; however, knowing when to give up is an incredibly useful skill to have. Bruce Wayne probably owns hospitals because of his wealth, so as Batman he’s probably beating the crap out of criminals so they get sent there and make him money. Being tired from staying up too late and being tired from getting up too early are two different feelings. In The Lion King, Scar is made to be a bad guy, but in r...

  • Inter-Generational Soup & Game Night at Methodist Church October 12

    Oct 5, 2022

    Everyone is invited to attend an inter-generational (all ages) Soup and Game Night on Wednesday, October 12 from 5:30 - 7:30 PM at the Trinity United Methodist (102 S Brooke Street). Come join us for a bowl of soup and time of connetion playing Bingo and other games....

  • Just Ask Georgia: 10/5/2022

    Georgia|Oct 5, 2022

    Georgia, I have a question, I’ve always been fascinated by the Superheroes we grew up watching on the Saturday morning cartoons. Many of these, we now know as adults, were just make-believe, being just, you know, cartoons, but when movies like Superman came out later on, we KNEW that he, at least, was real, even though he was actually an alien, which explains his powers. Batman, although he was a Superhero, didn’t really have any powers; he just had some amazing toys! Then, we learned that Spiderman and The Flash were real too, even though the...

  • First 2022 Pool Tournament October 8

    DOROTHY GRIFFITH, Whitehall Pool League|Oct 5, 2022

    The Whitehall Independent Pool league will have its Beginning of the Year Tournament on October 8, 2022. Sign-up is at the Mint Bar at 10 AM. Everyone is welcome to play! $5.00 entry with $200 added payout! Four (4) more players are needed for league play, and we are always looking for substitutes. For questions, or to sign up, contact the League Secretary at 706-627-7299....

  • Classical Music at Star Theatre October 8

    Oct 5, 2022

    Whitehall non-profit Gold Junction Presents (GJP) is bringing an evening of classical music to the Star Theatre on Saturday, October 8 at 7 PM. This program is free to the public; donations are accepted and appreciated. Members of the Bozeman Symphony will perform for about an hour. A meet and greet, hosted by Gold Junction board members, will be held immediately following the performance. For more info on GJP, visit or email

  • Whitehall Happiness Corner: 10/5/2022

    Oct 5, 2022

    Those who know me know my affinity for Halloween. Thank you, Terry Chadwick and Darla Hill for these little cuties! They brighten up the Ledger Office with sweet spookiness!...

  • Ledger Looking Back 25 Years: 10/1/1997

    RITA BROWN, Whitehall Ledger|Oct 5, 2022

    October 1, 1997 For the first time in nearly two decades, a chartered 10-car tourist train operating under a company named Northern Parks Limited brought 44 people to Whitehall for an overnight stay on Friday, September 26. The train, powered by MRL diesel engine cars, entered Whitehall just past dusk on Friday, stayed overnight on the tracks in the area behind the fire station, and pulled out about 10:45 AM on Saturday. The Whitehall Volunteer Fire Department helped provide the train water. Each car had a 500-gallon tank for cooking and...

  • Between the Stacks: 10/8/2022

    JEANNIE FERRISS, Whitehall Community Library|Oct 5, 2022

    October calendars are out, and they are full of fun and exploration! On Wednesday, October 5th, at 10 AM we will be hosting a party for Daniel Tiger! All preschoolers and their families are welcome to come and help Miss Deanna from PBSKids celebrate Daniel’s show with songs, projects, snacks, and more. STEM Camp will be on Friday, October 7th, and Friday, October 28th at 2:30 PM. We had quite the crowd of interested sailors as they explored water buoyancy last time. Miss Brandi has ordered all sorts of crazy science kits to learn about e...

  • So What's This Thing Called the American Dream?

    ROGER KOOPMAN, Guest Contributor|Oct 5, 2022

    They called him Reinhart, but he would one day change his name to Ralph to sound more American than German. Huddled with his parents and three siblings in steerage class, he arrived at Ellis Island at the age of one. He grew up in Brooklyn, while his father scratched out a living as best he could. Henry had brought his family to America “to escape the Kaiser and his wars,” while seeking the freedom of a free land. Although he had very little, he thought himself rich. He had come to America, kissed the ground, and never looked back. The str...

  • Connecting Point: Grace Factors

    BILL LANES|Oct 5, 2022

    In this life we encounter various relational road blocks, one specifically I would like to address is offense. Such a hazard can be detrimental to our relationships that we cherish or even possible new relationships on the horizon, so we must guard our heart and our words from the negative responses associated with offense. I might be able to offer some wisdom from a Biblical perspective. I’m absolutely convinced that we often fail to operate in grace towards others, “Grace requires patience.” In fact, there is little peace without patie...

  • Charles George Miller, 70

    Oct 5, 2022

    Charles "Charlie" George Miller, age 70, passed away surrounded by his loving family on Saturday, September 25, 2022, in his home in Whitehall, Montana. Charlie was born on April 20, 1952, in Kingston, New York, to the late Thomas H. and Ethel J. (Hasbrouck) Miller. He was the middle child of three children. The family resided in South Amboy, New Jersey, until he was seven years old and then moved back to New Paltz, NY, where he resided until his retirement in 2006. Charlie attended elementary... Full story

  • Trojan XC Strong Showing at Headwaters Invite

    Oct 5, 2022

    The Whitehall Trojan middle school and high school Cross Country Team ran hard at the Headwaters Invitational on Friday, September 30 in Three Forks. MEN Varsity 5,000 Meters: 32nd sophomore Ethan Valov 20:37; 34th eighth grader Cooper Montgomery 20:49; 35th freshman Miles McLean 21:05; 36th freshman Jordan Mercer 21:34. WOMEN Varsity 5,000 meters: 20th sophomore Aletheia Martin 24:04; 26th freshman Lexi Stratton 25:01. MEN 2 Mile: 12th seventh grader Max Fernstrom 14:44. WOMEN 2 Mile: 30th...

  • October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

    Oct 5, 2022

    The Department of Public Health and Human Services (DPHHS) reports that breast cancer is the most common cancer diagnosed among Montana women, accounting for 31% of new cancers. Breast cancer is a disease in which cells in the breast grow out of control, and these cells can also spread, or metastasize, to other parts of the body. Breast cancer screening means checking a woman’s breasts for cancer before there are signs or symptoms of the disease. Mammograms are the best method to detect breast cancer early when it is easier to treat and before...

  • Healthcare is a Local Affair at RVMC

    DEBRA MCNEILL, Ruby Valley Medical Center|Oct 5, 2022

    Ruby Valley Medical Center is making healthcare a local affair by participating in the Montana Office of Rural Health’s Community Health Services Development process. This project is funded in part through the Montana Health Research and Education Foundation (MHREF) Flex Grant. Through this process, a community steering group has been assembled by local leaders organized with the task of identifying local healthcare needs and establishing health priorities. Community members in the service area have also received a survey in their mailboxes. Th...

  • MONTANA PARK OF THE WEEK Fort Owen State Park

    Oct 5, 2022

    Travel 25 minutes south of Missoula, MT, and into Stevensville, MT to Fort Owen State Park. Here you will find the remains of the oldest pioneer settlement in the State of Montana. A beautiful place to visit, however, Fort Owen State Park is currently under major construction. During its peak, the only structures larger than Fort Owen in the interior western US were located in Saint Paul, MN, and Salt Lake City, UT! Originally home to the first Catholic Church in Montana, founded by Father...

  • Waterfowl, Pheasant and Antelope Hunting Opens

    Oct 5, 2022

    Hunting for ducks, coots and geese opened Saturday, October 1. Here are a few reminders: • The aggregate daily bag for dark geese in the Pacific Flyway has increased from four to five. Dark geese include Canada geese, cackling geese, and white-fronted geese (any geese other than snow, blue, and Ross’s geese). • The Central Flyway is divided into two “zones” in order to increase opportunity. The two zones have different season dates. Zone 2, includes Big Horn, Carbon, Custer, Prairie, Rosebud, Treasure, and Yellowstone counties and has a spl...

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