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  • Jefferson County Democrats Clean Up Along Hwy 69

    TERRY MINOW, Jefferson County Democrats|Oct 11, 2023

    "Neither cold nor rain can keep us from our work," joked Bryher Herak, Basin, co-chair of Jefferson County Democrats. The group met recently to clean up trash along Highway 69 in front of the fairgrounds south of Boulder. "We Democrats live all over the county but we came together to get this done, and we had a good time doing it!" she said. About 30 people braved the blustery forty-degree afternoon, donning orange vests and carrying black trash bags, as they picked up items big and small along...

  • Dear Editor: Say No to Publicly Funded Private Schools

    TERRY MINOW, Big Sky 55|Mar 15, 2023

    Dear Editor, Republican legislators just passed the biggest tax cut for the wealthy in Montana’s history, a whopping One Billion Dollars. That’s a billion, not a million. Meanwhile, the needs of regular Montanans, like affordable housing, care for the elderly, and child care for workers, are pushed aside under the pretense of “we just can’t afford it.” At the same time, this Republican legislature wants to create a new system of private schools for their kids that you would have to pay for. These private schools would not require certified...

  • Dear Editor: Don't Allow This Blatant Assault on Montana's Citizens

    TERRY MINOW, Chair, Big Sky 55|Dec 21, 2022

    Dear Editor, In the early 1970s, frustrated with the corporate boot that dominated and bullied Montanans, the state’s people rose up. Led by ordinary citizens like Pastor George Harper of Helena, local historian and mother of six Louise Cross of Glendive, and League of Women Voters leader Dorothy Eck of Bozeman, they crafted what is now recognized as a world-renowned Constitution. Among many important motivations was their conviction that in order to free Montanans from corporate dominance at the expense of workers, farmers and ordinary c...

  • Ribbons, Prizes, and Smiles - All Guaranteed at the Jefferson County Fair!

    TERRY MINOW, Boulder Fair Board|Aug 17, 2022

    Calling all parents and grandparents! Time to get your kids’ exhibits ready for “A Fair of the Heart,” the Jefferson County Fair, August 25-28, at the Jefferson County Recreation Park one-half mile south of Boulder. Every exhibit gets a ribbon and there are cash prizes for purple, heart, and best in show ribbons. Fair events and contests include: · Art, photography, crafts, cooking, sewing, canning: you name it, we have a category for it or we will make one up. See the fair book for entry ideas. People can enter exhibits in the fair no matter w...

  • It's Almost Jefferson County Fair Time! Plan Your Entries!

    TERRY MINOW, Jefferson County Fair Board|Aug 10, 2022

    The 2022 Jefferson County Fair and Rodeo, "A Fair of the Heart," is August 25-28 at the Jefferson County Recreation Park, one-half mile south of Boulder. Jefferson County Fair Board member Megan Dawson urges people to bring their exhibits. "We work hard to make it easy to be in the fair. We encourage people to enter exhibits, and are excited that 4-H animals will be entered again this year," Dawson said. The Jefferson County Fair is open to exhibitors from all over and is no longer limited to...

  • Dear Editor: Why the Attacks?

    Terry Minow|Oct 20, 2021

    Dear Editor, Why are Montana Republicans attacking local control? Montanans cherish local control. Our treasured state constitution puts power in the hands of those who are elected in our communities, people like school board members and city and county commissioners. A most troubling example comes from Elsie Arntzen, Montana Superintendent of Public Instruction. Montana’s schools are governed by locally elected school boards, people who serve because they want the best for our students. Instead of supporting their thoughtful decisions, A...

  • Congress Should Stop Rewarding Pharma With Tax Breaks for Gouging Patients

    Terry Minow, Big Sky 55|May 26, 2021

    Love them or hate them, most Americans pay their fair share of taxes into the government’s coffers as a basic duty. In return, we get roads, schools, law enforcement, health services, clean air and water and other public goods that benefit everyone. But for too long, the rules that apply to most of us have been shirked by the richest households and corporations--those who can afford to pay their fair share, but thanks to loopholes, lobbying and preferential treatment, seldom do. Every year, dozens of Fortune 500 corporations manage to avoid t...