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Lots of stuff
There were plenty of items to choose from at the 2015 Whitehall Community Garage Sale. Ledger photo by Melissa Jenkins
Joy of discovery at Community Yard Sale

By Catherine Ellerton
Contributing Writer

The loud sound broke through dreamland jerking me out of my reverie. Realizing it was the phone that was incessantly ringing breaking the silence, I reach for it to just stop the noise. “What!” I pleasantly said into the mouthpiece. “Yard Sale time,” came the cheery reply. (Don’t you hate a cheery voice in the morning?) “It’s ‘dark-thirty’ and time to go!”

As I later heard a cheery yard sale seller using the same time qualifier, I decided grumpily that it had to be a ‘yard sale thing.’

As it was a Saturday – EARLY morning, I decided that it was a requirement to stop in the park at the Market. There were many items to tempt the weak – from wood products, cooking, garden items and exquisite Fairy or Gnome House (made from gourds and pine cones). Did get into a philosophical discussion concerning face painting – small – medium – large. I was wrong. Imagine! It meant the size of the painting, NOT the size of the face!

In addition, there were festive balloons drifting lazily over the park. It turned out to be Mile High Motors of Butte who had come to join in the weekend festivities and bring a few new cars, the Kia, to sweeten the pot.

You really don’t need a map to find the yard sales; all you have to do is follow the cars, erratic pit stops and jubilant people walking willy nilly hauling their ‘finds.’ Heather Dove shared her ‘treasure’ with me of a wildlife painting by the paint by numbers system.

There were ceramics and clothing, a radial saw that caught my eye, fishing equipment which included waders and a laptop bag. A visitor from Mississippi was excited about her find – “a snowboard!” She had been advised that “She had vision!”

I soon found myself at the Cardwell Community Church’s Tuesday Afternoon Ladies’ Bible Study group and the Adult Ladies Sunday School Class yard sale which had been moved into Whitehall for the Community Sale. As I rejoiced over the large stuffed Santa that I found, I couldn’t help but think about how fortunate we are. Do we appreciate it? A safe environment, among friends and in surroundings we know and understand. This group of ladies supports an organization called ‘She Is Safe.”

This organization is dedicated to rescuing young women which have been sold into slavery So far this year there have been 657 women whose travels into trafficking were intercepted; 50 girls in China are now in a safe house and 1,800 sex workers have learned about Christ in red light district, in prisons, and on the street. Another goal is to restore these young people into a normal life. This year 40 Iraqi widows in Syria are gaining skills and learning about Christ; 30 women at high risk in Mali are learning vocations; 57 women in Sudan have gained self-sustaining skills.

This is an international group which does not discriminate. Currently their focus is on the African continent, in Sudan, India, Nepal and Indonesia. However, this trafficking is not a big city problem, nor a wilderness problem, it is everywhere, even here in the United States. There are Christian groups throughout the United States that help to fund these organizations, who supply clothing and private items to young people who are going into ‘the system,’ who make blankets for the newly born and the sick.

It is just one small step at a time that we can all decide to take to help make a difference.