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Whitehall Wins Big:
Robotics teams impressive at state

In their second year of competing at the state robotics competition (FIRST® LEGO® League), students from Whitehall Elementary and Middle School performed amazing feats in robotic programming. According to the FIRST® LEGO® League (FLL) organization, FLL ‘introduces young people to the fun and excitement of science and technology while building self-confidence, knowledge, valuable career and life skills. The program challenges kids to think like scientists and engineers. Alongside adult mentors, teams solve problems using engineering concepts, presentation techniques and robots.’
The Middle School team consisted of Chloe Brown, Marissa Ellison, Logan Graham, Colin Janik, and Adam Williams. They won the second-place “Programming” award, which recognizes a team that ‘utilizes outstanding programming principles, including concise and reusable code that allows their robot to perform challenge missions autonomously and consistently.’ The Elementary School team won the first-place “Strategy & Innovation” award, which ‘recognizes a team that uses solid engineering practices and a well-developed strategy to design and build an innovative, high performing robot.’ Both teams have been working hard since September to program their robots and it is remarkable that their work led to such high honors in a competition of 62 teams from around the state of Montana.
The program has been boosted by generous organizations that believe in the education of young students in the fields of science technology engineering and math (STEM). These organizations include the Whitehall Parent, Teacher, Student Association (PTSA), The Dennis and Phyllis Washington Foundation, and Northwestern Energy. In addition, the program has support from The 21st Century Grant obtained by The Whitehall Schools to enrich all students. The teams were mentored by coaches Kyra Williams, Lisa Graham and Keith Graham.
Each team also competed with an original project themed on “Trash Trek”. They had to come up with a current problem with trash in general and then brainstorm an idea to solve said problem. Both teams researched their particular problem by probing on the internet and talking with experts. They then had to present their information and project for judging.
The elementary team created a Robosorter which uses a metal detector to sort metal from other trash. The middle school team decided to make biodegradable clocks to combat the waste created by discarded household appliances. For another part of the project, the teams had to describe and demonstrate the core values of the FLL organization.
If you know any of the students on these teams, please congratulate them on their success and hard work.

The two Whitehall School robotics teams were both impressive at the state robotics competition. Pictured in the back row are Colin Janik, Logan Graham, Chloe Brown, Marissa Ellison and Adam Williams. Pictured in the front row are Nick Seccomb, Maddy Seccomb, Duncan Graham, Devyn Sutton and Mack Williams. Courtesy photo