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  • Gianforte Visits Ridgeline and Pipestone Village & Hotsprings on Annual 56 County Tour

    KAITLIN PRICE, Office of the Governor|Oct 25, 2023

    On the road Wednesday, October 18, 2023, for his third annual 56 County Tour, Governor Greg Gianforte visited family-owned small businesses before meeting with first responders in southwest Montana. "Nothing compares to the work ethic of Montanans, whether they're small business owners, welders, ranchers, firefighters, or law enforcement officers keeping our communities safe," Gov. Gianforte said. "I share their priorities of greater opportunity, good-paying jobs, tax relief, the best education...

  • Locations to Trunk or Treat, Trick or Treat, and Celebrate This Halloween Season

    ELIZABETH PULLMAN, Whitehall Ledger|Oct 25, 2023

    This Halloween Whitehall has a plethora of fun locations to choose from! Whether you want to be scared or just want to grab some yummy treats, here is a quick list to keep handy! THURSDAY - SATURDAY, October 26-28 starting at 6 PM: Screams Come True Haunted House, Maze, and Escape Rooms at Whitehall Community Center. Walk-up tickets are available - the last walk-up must be in line by 9:45 PM to ensure entry. SATURDAY, October 28 from 4-6 PM: Whitehall Chamber of Commerce Trunk or Treat and Costume Contest in front of the Whitehall Community...

  • Commissioners Visit Completed Meridian Bridge

    DAN HAGERTY, Jefferson County Commissioner|Oct 25, 2023

    The Jefferson County Commissioners, Broadwater County, and Gallatin County representatives met in the Sappington area in the southeastern part of Jefferson County on Wednesday, October 18, 2023, for the final walk-thru of the new Meridian Bridge. Stahly Engineering was the initial leader in the making of the new bridge, which crosses over the Jefferson River from Meridian Road which Broadwater and Jefferson County share, and then to the other side where Willow Creek, Montana is located. This...

  • WHS Trojan Football Senior Night

    Oct 25, 2023

  • Op Ed: Talking Actual Property Tax Numbers

    LLEW JONES, Representative, Appropriations Chair|Oct 25, 2023

    Montana collects $2.1 billion in property tax, with allocations as follows: 56% to schools, 28% to counties, 11% to cities/towns, and 5% to special districts. The 6 statewide university mills stay at the state, while the 95 statewide school mills are redistributed to local community schools, accounting for 35-40% of the $1.1 billion annual state school funding distribution. According to the latest Department of Revenue (DOR) appraisal, Montana properties have a total market value of $259 billion, spread across 18 tax and rate classes....

  • Dear Editor: Stand Up and Make the Council Do the Right Thing

    LARRY FEIGHT|Oct 25, 2023

    Dear Editor, People and especially businesses in Whitehall - you are about to lose a very important piece of infrastructure that brings many dollars into our town, the rodeo grounds. For whatever reason the Whitehall Town Council decided to not renew a lease with the Saddle Club to continue to use the property that contains the arena, pens, chutes, and other items needed to operate. Without doing their due diligence the council opted out without considering what it would cost to replace all...

  • Dear Editor: The Town Council Wishes It Was All That Simple

    BILL LANES, Whitehall Town Council|Oct 25, 2023

    Dear Editor, The Rec Complex and Saddle Club dispute continues to bring confusion. We [the Whitehall Town Council] wish the matter was as simple as Doug Salsbury claims in last week's Ledger editorial, "We (SC) tried working with the town by suggesting to rent them the portable panels for $100 per year." The WSC drafted a Memorandum of Understanding and it's been narrowed to a second draft but it includes other provisions beyond a simple contract for panel rental which as town council and staff...

  • Dear Editor: Why Can't We All Just Get Along?


    Dear Editor, A wise man once asked the eternal question, "Why can't we all just get along?" Well, as you know, we're all different, so that might be one way to explain it. How many people do we know, however intimately, who are as different as night and day, yet somehow, they manage to get along, seemingly even, against all odds? If only we could all learn to tap into the source of that happiness, that joy! Life is all about choice! The reason some people just can't seem to play well with the...

  • Thought Provokers: 10/25/2023

    Oct 25, 2023

    Telling people that fruit is filled with sugars is the biggest scare tactic ever. All the billionaires obsessed with longevity are exactly the kind of people you wouldn’t want to live forever. Changing your hair color is normalized but wearing colored contacts for your eyes is seen as fake. The most famous German was Austrian. Given how much we like to snack late at night, it’s unacceptable most microwaves don’t have a MUTE option. Smart people and stupid people are equally difficult to win an argument against. Almost all videos we see of re...

  • Our Town 125 and 100 Years Ago...October, Part II

    ARLENE WEBER, Jefferson Valley Museum|Oct 25, 2023

    8+ Years Ago: October Part II - October 1897 was ending much as it began. More miners died in Butte, a woman overdosed on drugs in her room on the Galena alley, Veno the Healer was arrested for bilking Butte citizens out of at least $7000 and the well-known John A. Baker shot himself in his home on North Crystal Street. Outside of Montana, a mayoral election was being held in the huge three-million-strong metropolis of New York City with the yearly pay for the mayor set at $15,000. In Japan,...

  • Ledger Looking Back 25 Years: 10/21/1998

    RITA BROWN, Whitehall Ledger|Oct 25, 2023

    OCTOBER 21, 1998 An apparent cyanide leak from an impoundment pond liner caused groundwater quality violations at Golden Sunlight Mine, and the mine was under investigation by the Montana Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ). Golden Sunlight first detected the cyanide in a monitoring well on August 3. At the Whitehall Town Council meeting on October 13, the council voted unanimously to approve initial changes to the town water sprinkling ordinance. The former Whitehall sprinkler ordinance...

  • Rotary Gifts Food Pantry

    ARLENE WEBER, Whitehall Rotary Club|Oct 25, 2023

    The Whitehall Rotary Club recently gifted the Whitehall Food Pantry with a variety of case goods to help replenish their supply of canned food items. All were purchased locally at Jefferson Fresh Foods. Whitehall Rotarians are long-time supporters of the local food bank through monetary donations and helping deliver food baskets....

  • Between the Stacks: 10/25/2023

    JEANNIE FERRISS, Whitehall Community Library|Oct 25, 2023

    Fraud is a problem for everyone these days, but for our seniors who are not as tech-savvy, it can be devastating. Blair Stapleton, the Investor Education & Public Outreach Coordinator for the Office of the Montana State Auditor is coming to do a fun and educational program on how to protect yourself against fraud in the age of technology. The program will be held on Tuesday, November 14th from 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM at the Library. There will be a free lunch served, a short educational presentation, and then a great time of Fraud Prevention...

  • Oh, What A Night at the Fall Harvest Festival

    JIM BUTERBAUGH, Whitehall Precinct Captains|Oct 25, 2023

    On Sunday, October 15th, the Jefferson County Republican Central Committee held its annual Fall Harvest Festival at the Keffler Ranch, and what a dinner it was! 175 attendees enjoyed an evening that started with a Happy Hour to meet and mingle with the hosts and sponsors while Lance Handyside provided some great country music. The special speaker for the night was Nick Adams. Many stated that they were so busy listening to Nick that they forgot to take pictures. Nick Adams is the founder and CEO of the Foundation for Liberty and American...

  • Fiddlers at Mint November 5th

    Oct 25, 2023

    The Montana Old Time Fiddlers will present an Old Time Fiddle Performance at the Mint Bar in Whitehall, on Sunday, November 5, 2023 from 2 to 6 PM. The program is free and open to the public, and dancing is encouraged! Guitar, mandolin, and banjo players are welcome to participate in the jam – and anyone can just come to hear some great old-time fiddle music. The Montana Old Time Fiddlers are dedicated to preserving old-time fiddle music in Montana, providing educational and performance opportunities for all. For more info call Ron at 6...

  • Adult-Ed Watercolor Class Starts Soon

    GAYLE WALTER, Whitehall High School|Oct 25, 2023

    Beginning Watercolor Class for adults taught by Whitehall Art teacher, Gayle Walter will be held on Mondays, November 6, 13, Tuesday, November 21, and Monday, November 27th from 6-8 PM in the Middle School art room. $40 Fee - covers all supplies. Please make checks to Whitehall School. Register by October 31st. Class is capped at 24 and is first come, first served. Call 406-287-3862 or email to sign up. Learn the basic techniques of watercolor painting and grow confidence in your watercolor skills by practicing...


    Oct 25, 2023

  • Whitehall Chamber Corner: Shop Local and Win in Whitehall!

    CHIARA SCHOBER, Whitehall Chamber of Commerce|Oct 25, 2023

    This holiday season, your business has the chance to shine brighter than ever! Not only can you spread joy among your customers, but you can also enjoy some fantastic exposure for your generosity. Here’s the deal: Every prize donated with a retail value of $25 or more will receive the royal treatment. We’ll showcase your generosity on our Website, in our weekly E-Newsletter, in the local newspaper, and on our vibrant Facebook page. Imagine your business name in lights, reaching every corner of our community! But the perks don’t end there...

  • Trojans Clock Great Times at State XC Meet

    TAMARA KIDWELL, Whitehall XC Coach|Oct 25, 2023

    The Whitehall Trojan Cross Country team took on the MHSA State Cross Country meet on October 23 in Kalispell. LADIES: Kaycee Murphy: 24:37.53 Alethea Martin: 25:51.37 MEN: Jordan Mercer: 21:28.81 Sam Valov: 21:08.38...

  • Cardwell Community Church Pie Contest Huge Success

    JIM ROLLICK, Cardwell Community Church|Oct 25, 2023

    On Friday, October 20th the Cardwell Community Church sponsored Apple Pie Contest was attended by upwards of 80 guests at the Borden's conference room. A dozen pies were submitted for judging and Doreen Young of Harrison was declared the winner. She received a beautiful fall bouquet of flowers provided by Freedom Floral of downtown Whitehall. As one of our active community churches, CCC wanted to thank their many friends and patrons as well as business owners for their hard work and dedication...

  • Tech Questions? Get the Answers: 10/25/2023

    TIM SCHOBER, White Hat Tech Solutions|Oct 25, 2023

    What is Biohacking and Bioinformatics? In the ever-evolving landscape of science and technology, two fields that have been making significant strides are biohacking and bioinformatics. But what do these terms really mean, and how do they impact our lives? Let's take a closer look at these fascinating areas of study. Biohacking might sound like something out of a science fiction novel, but it's a real and rapidly growing field. At its core, biohacking involves using biology, technology, and...

  • A Halloween Tale: Red Noses, Mrs. McFee, and Caramel Popcorn Balls

    SHIRLEY BAUSTIAN, Whitehall Author|Oct 25, 2023

    Willy was so mad at his brother Eggie. He said he wouldn't take him Trick or Treating! Boy, that stinks! His mom was sick in bed with a bad cold and his Dad was at work. His Mom said he was too young to go alone. That is what she said last year too! He had spent a lot of time at the second-hand store getting his costume ready. He found one of those red ball rubber noses and he planned to paint his cheeks red and use the white paint his mom used for crafts to circle his eyes. He would be all...

  • October is Sexual Assault Awareness Month: Healing After Trauma with Help from HER: Part II

    STEVIE CROISANT, We Are HER|Oct 25, 2023

    Even though I've dedicated my life to the concept of healing, after graduate school classes and lived experience, I realized just how hard of a topic this is to cover. It was important to me to share just how hard it is for a survivor to heal, and I hope that by learning about domestic violence, you understand how complex this topic is. In order for me to share what healing is, I decided to go inward. Here is a piece of my story. Here is what healing means to me. When I first started "healing,"...

  • The Shame Between Us: We Are HER Offers Free Online Workshop

    STEVIE CROISANT, We Are HER|Oct 25, 2023

    Join Whitehall/Cardwell non-profit We Are HER for a free workshop on unpacking shame: What we never talk about in regard to shame is where it stems from and how many of us were dealing with it at a young age. Many of us have been navigating life with a subconscious level of internalized shame. It is what keeps us in cycles and attached to relationships and places that no longer align with us. It is time to peel back the layers we have been operating with and really understand where this shame...

  • Whitehall Breast Cancer Survivor Finds Hope and Healing with Lymphedema Therapist

    TANNER GOOCH, Intermountain Health|Oct 25, 2023

    Mindy Bowman has faced one challenge after another during her two-year journey with breast cancer. She said it was a shock to find the avocado-sized lump in her breast, then have her first mammogram, biopsy, and diagnosis within days in October 2021. The journey has not been easy for the Whitehall resident, but today Mindy is thankful for the compassionate care she received from St. James Healthcare. She highlighted the Wound Care Clinic for helping to care for her radiation burns and the...

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