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  • Knowing Normal: Class teaches animal CPR

    Melissa Jenkins, Staff Writer|Oct 4, 2017

    "Knowing normal", that seemed to be the common theme Dr. Cory Tebay reiterated throughout the third biennial animal CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) and first aid event organized by himself and Patti Reed. Tebay expressed comprehensively during the event the importance of knowing the normal in your pet. This included things such as, heart rate, respirations, capillary refill, behaviors and coat. Knowing these things could help prevent and assess what is going on with your pet and help with... Full story

  • Council sets meeting to discuss crime

    Melissa Jenkins, Staff Writer|Aug 16, 2017

    With criminal activity on the rise, local residents voiced concerns at the Whitehall Town Council meeting on Monday night. Town Attorney Ed Guza said he would like to set up a meeting with Jefferson County Sheriff Craig Doolittle to update the current contract and to hammer out issues with the increase in crime around town. One resident that attended the meeting said, “Our little town isn’t our little town anymore, they (criminals) are breaking into homes during the day. It isn’t just at night anymore.” Jefferson County Commissioner Leonard Wor...

  • Lease approved

    Melissa Jenkins, Staff Writer|Jul 19, 2017

    The Whitehall Town Council voted 4 to 1 to approve a new lease with Community Beacon of Hope Inc. (CBOH) at a special meeting Monday night. Alderman Joe Adams was the lone vote against the updated lease agreement. Prior to the vote, Adams said one of the main reasons he was voting no is “I consider it blackmailed to shut up, otherwise the town’s going to get sued or I am going to get sued for libel and I don’t like to be threatened. I don’t like people that do that kind of stuff. I don’t think we should consider doing business with them”. Co...

  • No decision made on ambulance lease

    Melissa Jenkins, Staff Writer|Jul 12, 2017

    A hard deadline was set at the Whitehall Town Council meeting Monday night to renew the lease with Community Beacon of Hope Inc. (CBOH). The deadline is set to take place at a special council meeting on July 17, 2017 at 7 p.m. Elizabeth Musik said the Town Attorney’s office just received the updated draft from CBOH’s attorney for a new lease agreement on Monday, 20 days after it was requested causing significant delays in the process to negotiate a new lease with CBOH. Alderman Mac Smith voiced concerns about leasing the building and equ...

  • Council working towards lease

    Melissa Jenkins, Staff Writer|Jun 21, 2017

    The Whitehall Town Council and Community Beacon of Hope Inc. (CBOH) are working toward having a clarified lease agreement ready for the council meeting in July. At the special Town Council meeting on Monday night Town Attorney Ed Guza said, “The committee that was formed at the last council meeting had an opportunity to meet today and discuss the issues that are pertaining to a new lease. Most of that has to do with issues of inventory, mileage and those types of things.” Guza went on to say they would like to get a complete inventory to see...

  • Town Council tables ambulance lease

    Melissa Jenkins, Staff Writer|Jun 14, 2017

    At their regular meeting Monday night, the Whitehall Town Council tabled voting on a possible new lease agreement with the Community Beacon of Hope Inc. Ambulance Service. The matter was tabled and contingent upon the ambulance service paying some outstanding bills. The ambulance service must pay all outstanding bills (power bill and repair bill on an ambulance) before signing a new lease with the Town of Whitehall. In the meantime, Beacon of Hope Inc. will be under the previous lease agreement with the town. The new lease would be increased...

  • Quick meeting for Whitehall Council

    Melissa Jenkins, Staff Writer|May 17, 2017

    It was an unusually brief regular meeting Monday night for the Whitehall Town Council. The Council concluded the majority of their regular monthly meeting in a little over 30 minutes before adjourning into executive session. After around 40 minutes the Council returned, stated they discussed pending litigation, but no decision was made. During the meeting, the Council voted and approved on a new usage agreement for the Recreation Complex. New charges for electrical services will be applied for use. Council also approved the motion to move...

  • Town Council Discusses Rates

    Melissa Jenkins, Staff Writer|Apr 12, 2017

    An increase in water and possibly sewer rates may be imminent for residents in Whitehall. At the Monday Town Council meeting, Mayor Dale Davis said the State of Montana Board of Investments would not let the town apply for the bonds or loans until the town has paid off a previous loan from a $59,000 bond issued in 1997 for a water project. The last payment is $6,400. Currently the town has $5,800 in the reserve account for that payment and will be looking at the budget to make up the $600 needed. Requirements made by a bond counsel for rate...

  • Utility blues: Water line breaks, power pole fire leads to outage

    Melissa Jenkins, Staff Writer|Apr 5, 2017

    Fire and water emergencies affected customer utilities last week in Whitehall. The two instances had workers from NorthWestern Energy and the Town of Whitehall diligently working several hours to get utilities working for residents, schools and businesses. Butch Larcombe, a spokesman for NorthWestern Energy, reported a call was received at 6:15 a.m. on Friday morning reporting a power pole on fire. NorthWestern Energy quickly sent out crews having some of the 178 customers affected power back...

  • Water break on Whitehall Street

    Melissa Jenkins, Staff Writer|Mar 29, 2017

    Town Clerk/Treasurer Summer Fellows reported a water break on Whitehall Street Wednesday evening. Fellows said the Town of Whitehall is unsure how long the break will take to fix, but city workers are working on the break diligently. Fellows said Town Hall employees tried to call everyone they knew would be affected, but there were some they were unaware were connected to the line. The Town hopes to have the problem resolved quickly as the break has some residents without water.... Full story

  • Beacon of Hope Inc. inches closer to startup

    Melissa Jenkins, Ledger Publisher|Mar 15, 2017

    Former Whitehall Ambulance Director Tyler Steinebach gave an update for Beacon of Hope Inc. at Monday night’s council meeting. Steinebach said Beacon of Hope Inc., who will be leasing the ambulance facility and equipment from the Town of Whitehall, should be up and running this week. “We are waiting for the insurance cards, which is paid and already mailed out, to be in hand before we say we have them,” Steinebach said. The cards Steinebach mentioned are for vehicles, property and malpractice insurance. Town Attorney Ed Guza said at the meeting...

  • Water options discussed at town meeting

    Melissa Jenkins, Ledger Publisher|Mar 1, 2017

    The Town of Whitehall hosted a public informational meeting Monday night with members of the DEQ (Department of Environmental Quality) and NCI Engineering out of Great Falls. The purpose of the forum was to give residents updates and information about the uranium issue with the drinking water. “The Town of Whitehall engaged the firm to help with the uranium problem and what we are headed for, or hope to head for, is to find an alternate water source; another well that doesn’t have uranium in it. We strongly believe that is a preferred alternati... Full story

  • Council approves ambulance lease

    Melissa Jenkins, Staff Writer|Feb 15, 2017

    The Whitehall Town Council voted unanimously Monday night to enter in to an agreement to lease the Ambulance Barn, itemized equipment and inventory to Community Beacon of Hope Inc. for a three-month trial beginning March 1. Beacon of Hope Inc. is under the direction of former Whitehall Ambulance Director Tyler Steinebach. The decision was made after the Town of Whitehall looked at their options regarding an ambulance service and was unable to sustain their enterprise fund. Mayor Dale Davis explained an enterprise fund has to generate enough...

  • Scams: Keep you eyes open and guard up

    Melissa Jenkins, Staff Writer|Jan 18, 2017

    It’s sad but true. Since I have been at the Ledger there have been some scams that have happened. People can be dishonest, and some people make a living at it. They may sell you something you never receive, or try to steal your personal information over the phone. Scams do happen, and you need to be on the lookout for them. Here are some general types of scams: IRS/Tax These types of scams are scary. You may get a phone call with someone claiming you owe money on your Federal or State taxes. They will claim you need to send money right away or...

  • Council discusses solid waste issues

    Melissa Jenkins, Staff Writer|Jan 11, 2017

    The Whitehall Town Council tabled the discussion on a resolution at their monthly meeting Monday that increases the fees for solid waste services. The discussion on resolution 2015-6 has been tabled until the governing bodies March meeting. The resolution increasing solid waste services was passed by council in 2015. Town Clerk/Treasurer Summer Fellows said the current commercial rate is $24.50 per month for a 300-gallon commercial trashcan picked up once a week. Public Works Director Kory Klapan said some people are paying too much, some not e...

  • Whitehall Council votes to increase cemetery fees

    Melissa Jenkins, Staff Writer|Dec 14, 2016

    The Whitehall Town Council approved a resolution Monday night to increase cemetery fees. The measure passed 5-0 to increase the fees to $125 for weekday cremation burials, and $150 for weekend and holidays. The fee for casket burials will now be $250 for weekdays, and $350 for weekend and holidays. Tabled from last months meeting, the Council discussed modifying charges for solid waste services. Town Attorney Elizabeth Musick said when she sat down to draft Resolution 2016-3, she reviewed the resolution that was approved at the December 14,...

  • Council discusses utilities

    Melissa Jenkins, Staff Writer|Nov 16, 2016

    At their monthly meeting Monday night, the Whitehall Town Council approved a 1.5 percent late fee on utility bills. The rate recommendation was made by the Water, Sewer and Garbage Committee, and will be charged after are account are 60 days past due. The percentage is not to max 18 percent per year. In her report to the Council, Town Clerk/Treasurer Summer Fellows said there had been a human error made on a utility bill, and publicly apologized for the mistake. “When you are putting stuff into a computer it happens, when we are transposing num...

  • Council member exits meeting

    Melissa Jenkins, Staff Writer|Nov 16, 2016

    After stating she felt a discussion was inappropriate, Whitehall Town Council member Francine Giono-Janik walked out of the governing body’s monthly meeting Monday night. Janik left the meeting during a discussion about cameras during the Mayor’s report. Mayor Dale Davis was asking Council Members on the record if they had installed the cameras that were found in the Ambulance barn last month. Davis said there has also been another camera found by a local Sheriff’s Deputy. “There was a camera found in a room where the files had been kept. I...

  • Cameras found in ambulance barn

    Melissa Jenkins, Staff Writer|Oct 12, 2016

    After an executive session at the regularly scheduled Town Council meeting Tuesday night, Mayor Dale Davis dropped a bombshell that there were hidden cameras found in the Ambulance Barn by the current ambulance crew. “They found hidden cameras that were positioned in the exit signs at the ambulance facility. There were four cameras hidden; three in exit signs and one in a heat duct in the front that used to be an office and now is a bedroom. At this time it is under investigation from the Sheriff’s Department and the FBI (Federal Bureau of Inv...

  • Market season comes to an end

    Melissa Jenkins, Staff Writer|Oct 12, 2016

    The Whitehall Farmer's Market 2016 season came to an end on a brisk yet beautiful Saturday morning in Legion Park. Vendors showcased a splendid selection of tasty treats and beautiful artwork at the last market of the season. Last Saturday local vendors toughed out the weather and even took down the canopies due to the wind. The market has become ritual -- a weekly opportunity for locals to get the freshest ingredients and quality crafts every week. As always, you are sure to find one thing...

  • Budget delayed

    Melissa Jenkins, Staff Writer|Sep 14, 2016

    Final approval of the 2016-17 Fiscal Year Budget was delayed by the Whitehall Town Council Monday to allow more time to look over the Whitehall Ambulance Enterprise fund. “I don’t know how we can establish what the ambulance will bring in under the current circumstances,” Alderman Mac Smith said. “You can’t spend what you don’t have,” Smith said. Town Attorney Matthew Haus told the Council at the regular monthly meeting Monday he plans to contact the MMIA (Montana Municipal Inter-local Authority) and see if they have had examples from a simila...

  • Whitehall Council still working to finalize budget

    Melissa Jenkins, Staff Writer|Aug 31, 2016

    On Monday night the Whitehall Town Council continued to delve into the 2016-2017 town budget, which is nearing completion for the upcoming fiscal year. Fellows reminded those in attendance at the meeting the budget will be available for anyone interested. Fellows also stated there is no money coming out of the general fund or the Ambulance, as it is its own separate account. One of the area’s the council was looking to cut was money spent on professional services. Public Works Employee Kory Klapan said he believes the town could save about $30,...

  • Council continues town budget work

    Melissa Jenkins, Staff Writer|Aug 24, 2016

    After several budget meetings, the Town of Whitehall is getting very close to having a final budget for the 2016-2017 fiscal year. Mayor Dale Davis stated at a budget meeting Monday, “the goal is to get the budget closer to what is being spent.” Davis suggested each of the Council members be assigned a page of the budget and come back to the next scheduled budget meeting, August 29, with more budget cuts. A budget item that is not getting cut is employee wages for the six town employees. Alderman Tom Jenkin said, “You get what you pay for, if y...

  • Another budget meeting Monday

    Melissa Jenkins, Ledger Publisher|Aug 17, 2016

    The Whitehall Town Council hopes to finalize their budget for the next fiscal year at a meeting next week. The Council conducted a special meeting Monday to finalize the budget for the 2016-17 fiscal year, but they did not vote on the issue. The meeting next week is scheduled for Monday, August 22 at 6 p.m. Town/Clerk Treasurer Summer Fellows told Council Members that with the rising cost of the town's water issues, the preliminary budget has more going out than the town expects to bring in, . A...

  • Council hears water update

    Melissa Jenkins, Staff Writer|Aug 10, 2016

    On Monday night at the Town Council meeting, Mayor Dale Davis reported on the latest update on Whitehall’s water situation and the DEQ. According to Davis, the DEQ (Department of Environmental Quality) came in last week to look at the town’s water issues at the lagoon, and help Whitehall Public Works employee Kory Klapan with paperwork. Davis said the meeting was very informative on the operation of the lagoon, and the DEQ is pleased with the proactive stance taken by the town. Davis said the problem with the lagoon is there isn’t any water...

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